Our Story

The U.P.’s local family forestry leader for over 50 years

What We Believe

Sustainable forestry for future generations. Many people look at the harvesting of trees as the end of the forest. We look at it as the beginning of a new forest. Our Michigan Registered foresters are experts in drafting strategies for land-owners that promote healthy, long-lasting forests that maximize value and quality.

Family Owned

We are a rural, family-owned local business and that’s the way we like it. We are invested in the community both as a family and as a company. We put value in knowing our neighbors, a hard days work and a firm handshake.

Deep Seeded

All of us have a pursuit in life. Ours just happens to be forestry. Since 1904, when the family first emigrated from Finland, forestry has been in our veins. Our founder, Dave Holli, worked in lumber camps as a kid just like his grandfather. He compares the forest to a big magnet that always seems to draw him back.